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May 2010

Coach U 2 Excel is pleased to announce that Nigel Daly is running a virtual mentoring scheme for international mission leaders, based on latest best practice.You can find out more at

Oct 2009

Coach U 2 Excel is pleased to announce that Nigel Daly is studying part time for Masters degree in Global leadership to develop further depth and insight into leadership, which he will then apply to his clients within the UK and across the Globe.

Jan 2008

Coach U 2 Excel is pleased to announce we have now joined the executive coaching panel of the National Australia Banking group, which in the UK includes the Yorkshire and Clydesdale banks. This is an exciting development which is evidence of the high quality coaching services we offer said Nigel Daly.

May 2007

We are now able to offer in depth analysis on influencing styles for use in the workplace, based on extensive research conducted by Ashridge Management School. Nigel Daly comments 'in a increasingly matrix management workplace, influencing skills are becoming critical to a persons success'. We are able to offer coaching on an one to one and small group basis for managers to develop the influencing skills. Please contact us for more details.

Feb 2007

25% of a manger's time is dealing with conflict, yet there is often little guidance on how to deal with conflict effectively. Coach U 2 Excel are pleased to announce we can now offer specialised coaching and training on conflict management including use of the Thomas Kilman Conflict Management tool. Many people handle different conflicts in the same way. Developing an awareness of different strategies and when each is best used helps a leader deal more effectively with conflict, gain more positive outcomes and lowers stress levels. If you are interested in this area get in touch.

June 2006

Emotional Intelligence and Business Leaders. As part of our professional development, we offer the EI framework as one of the tools for one to one coaching. The framework develop by Daniel Goleman is a valuable one to help managers plan tangible actions to develop their awareness and behaviour.

June 2006

How do you measure performance improvement ? 360 Feedback is very useful but so often an administrative nightmare to run. Maybe that is why only 14% of companies use it (CIPD Survey 2004). Now Coach U 2 Excel can offer a web based 360 Feedback process that is fast, slick and focused. Based on Professor Shroeder's leadership competency model, it identifies observed behaviours as a measure of tangible performance change.'We are using this process for a major client right now to establish baseline performance, identify development plan and after coaching measure tangible change'

April 2004

Coach U 2 Excel is now linked to the leading UK based professional body for Coaching, the Association for Coaching. This month Nigel Daly was received into full professional membership of the AOC. As well as providing special coaching development programmes, the AOC also provides clients with reassurance through its code of ethics that all members adhere to and formal complaints procedures. Nigel Daly said 'Companies should always choose coaches who are members of professional coaching bodies, as this gives them reassurance that the coaches are serious players, abide by standards and committed to their own professional development'

March 2004

Coach U 2 Excel is now rolling out a second integrated leadership programme, involving team building, leadership workshops, on areas such as leadership styles, values, inspiring leadership communication and managing stress, alongside a programme of one to one coaching sessions to help individuals achieve change in on personal development areas. The programme, led by Nigel Daly and Jo Lee, now incorporates the insights from SDI in leadership behaviours. If you would like to know more about this programme please click here.

February 2004

We are pleased to announce that we can now offer clients the Strength Deployment Inventorypsychometric tool, alongside the existing MBTI tool. Nigel Daly says 'SDI is a powerful tool for developing team communication and collaboration, based on an easily memorable colour position within a triangle. It has great insights into the source of much corporate conflict.' We are already using this new tool with a corporate client.

January 2004

Coach U 2 Excel are delighted to announce we are now preferred suppliers for the prestigious Barclays PLC banking group. This follows an in-house assessment of the services offered and charging policy.